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Maxine McCrann

Maxine McCrann

Maxine McCrann is an American multi-media artist based in Toronto. She believe in slowing down, taking a breath, and staying for dessert. Her practice is deeply inspired by community, food, wine, and the pursuit of pleasure. Through her paintings and drawings, she strives to capture the little in-between moments that make life so beautiful.

She paints with acrylic and oil stick, draw with anything I can get my hands on, and create three dimensional objects out of wood, paper, papier-mache, and other materials. She is inspired by nature, dining, friends, and by her upbringing in 90’s New York, where bold colors and dynamic compositions were ubiquitous. Through whimsical still lifes and figurative works, her greatest aim is to create art that transports both her audience and herself to the moments when we felt most connected and joyful.

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