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Natasha Jowett

Natasha Jowett

Natasha is an abstract artist with a background in Architecture and Interior Design. Working mostly with oils and acrylics her work is often described as calm and subtle but with a sense of fun. Led by colour and composition, the pieces take form slowly, layer after layer, evolving to suit the style, tone and mood of the interior spaces that she designs.

The works are created by laying a pale blanket of warm tones over more vibrant freeform marks and shapes, masking and reshaping the forms and their relationships as the work progresses, offering hints at what lies beneath. The result is subtle works punctuated by bright, sometimes neon accents with scribbled notes and marks. 

As well as larger neutral pieces Natasha also creates small colourful works with fun bold blocks & markings.  These larger & smaller pieces are designed to work either alone or to sit together to bring a sense of scale & fun to  any space.

​​Other works include abstract portraits, but these happen less often as and when the mood strikes!

Natasha is currently based in both Toronto and London UK.

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